Valerio Ventura - Designer at Walt Disney Television Animation

  “Luciano’s ability to work with any budget and deliver amazing product comes from his extensive experience to be able to shoot live events with top notch performers at the top of any music chart. At that level there’s no re-do, so Luciano vast experience and instinct allows him to capture the essence of the shot no matter the complexity. This is a skill you can only acquire having the experience of shooting live (Asia, Dominique Miller, Gino Vannelli) and feeding your shots to an editor editing on the fly. This allow for quicker editing and saves money. Additionally, weather Luciano is producer or director or D.P., he’s got no ego issues, he can do it all and lead or he can follow to turn concept into reality. I highly recommend Luciano, I would work with him again in a second no matter the project. Besides all the talent, Luciano is a great person and can turn any set atmosphere into a fun loving place where great stunning visuals are being created. What can I say, nothing but love for the guy. Valerio Ventura Chief Executive Director

Christopher Alvarez-Heikens, Creative Director and UXDi Instructor at General Assembly

 “Luciano is one of the most charismatic and energetic professionals I’ve had the pleasure of working with. His tireless commitment to his craft and vision was balanced with expertise and a laugh that always made production as smooth as possible. Look forward to many more ventures with him.”

Claudia Andreozzi - Journalist - "il Fatto Quotidiano", "Famiglia Cristiana" and LA7

      “Luciano is a great asset in a tv production. His knowledge of the medium exceeded his role, and he was the person to rely upon for quick solutions during a live show. He’s passionate about his job and works very well in a team.”

Barbara Vay , Writer/Editor, Original Content Producer - Disney and others

    “I had the pleasure of working with Luciano on the “GEISHA-MANIA!” music video and was thrilled with the level of expertise, creativity, and professionalism he brought to the project. In addition, both he and his crew were easy to work with, and I look forward to future collaborations. Highly recommend!

Salvatore Mavilia - Head of Production

   “I have known and frequented Luciano Fontana working for several television productions in LA7 and I can say with certainty that Luciano is a professional in technique and Public Relations for Top of the Line Environments. He has a high sensitivity and special artistic taste for the achievement of a goal regardless if you pay him as a Director or for his advices/services  in another role . He is a humble person and respectful of professional hierarchies.

Andrea Bellavista – Professional Sound Recording – BBF Media Inc/ BB Sound – Los Angeles (California)

“Luciano has a wide knowledge that brings the right level-up in each media/music video/film production he has been working on. Starting from the pre-production trough all the process to get the job done choosing the right partners/crew members/cast he manages the most critical roles and sets up the functional workflow. Also his relational skills are a must have in this type of environments. Overall he has a solid background with a consistent variety of experiences, great portfolio with plenty of amazing jobs.
From my experience has always been a pleasure working with his talent.”


  “Luciano is a passionate, creative and resourceful producer/director who cares deeply for his clients and their projects, delivering his best from beginning to end.”

Elena Pugacheva – International business intermediary

“Luciano has a very strong productivity and his creativity is volcanic. He also has excellent organizational skills, he was able to put together and manage a large group of people during our work for Mediterranian Human Reproduction Association and in the Italian Parliament during our work for Real Communication”


Luciano is a very detailed oriented and true professional with whom I have had the pleasure to work with on a music video set. He is kind, considerate, compassionate and very diligent with a very strong work ethic. He has made a lasting impression on me and I would be glad to work with him again anytime in the future and highly recommend him.

Fausto Casagrande Director - Film maker for Rai - Radiotelevisione Italiana S.p.A.

    “Luciano is a skilled technical director who is also talented as producer and director; being in a team working with him has really been constructive”


Luciano was a great Postproduction and Audiovisual Teacher for all the students of Master in Journalism at University Tor Vergata in Rome. Really accountable and reliable, his lessons were really interesting and useful both by the technical and the theorical side.


“Luciano is a great director. He reached with high-class and culture the given artistic scores required for Noemi Smorra’s music video “Trasparente”

Carla Traficante – 1st AD, Director

   “Luciano is a colleague with an excellent professional preparation, excellent technical director, he works in harmony and constant attention … really a great professional as well as a nice person, I am very glad to have had the opportunity to work with him.


  “Luciano Fontana created for our record company a high quality music video; he was incredibily  able to catch and follow the meaning, the peculiarities and the track mood in all phases of production . The final result is a product perfectly in line with our expectations.”

Susan El Sawi – Director for

   “Luciano has always been very competent in his role as Technical Director, often a point of reference for colleagues who had his own role. He is a very attentive, mindful and prepared team-player, patient and continuously updated to follow any proposed work, both technical and creative.

Massimiliano Chieco, Cameraman – Photographer – Dop

    “I have worked with Luciano for several years and I can say that Luciano is a great asset to a company. He’s an excellent professional from a technical standpoint but also a person of great human value. In addition of that, he has got excellent problem solving skills succeeding, and – even in the most unexpected situation – he achieves the most satisfactory results. He’s a versatile and complete professional, a person who facilitates everything and makes the work environment more pleasant.


“Luciano is a great technical manager gifted with creativity and aesthetic sense. He his open-minded and has got a great taste when it comes to experimentation.”


“Luciano is a great guy, period.”